Brain Zaps

Do you know what a brain zap is? Well, for me it is like touching an electric fence and my brain being shocked. I lose my balance, everything gets ziggy zaged like a 80’s TV show dream and it takes hours to recover. If I look to the left or right of my peripheral vision then it triggers this electrical jolt.

I dealt with these horrendous things every few minutes for about a year before I was referred to a Neurologist. The neurologist ordered an EEG to see if I was having seizures. These are as he called them, mini seizures. After the EEG didn’t show what he was looking for he ordered an MRI. There it is. It took 2 MRI’s with contrast to find my problem. I have a mass on my Pituitary Gland called a micro adenoma.

The only reasonable explanation for these happening to me was an antipsychotic drug withdrawal. The only medication that helped me keep my sanity through it all was, Lamictal. The electrical jolts stopped but if I missed just one dose, boy did I pay for it. They came back 10 fold. I looked like I was a dope fiend looking for my meds.

At the time I was seeing a therapist and NP that wanted to be a psychiatrist. This NP gave me all the drugs I told her my body could NOT handle. She said I was the defiant one. She has me on Risperdal for awhile and when they found the micro adenoma I blamed Risperdal. After lots of research it was the only reasonable explanation for the pituitary tumor. I showed the NP proof of the tumor and she called me a liar. We did Not get along whatsoever. A year later I dropped her because of her incompetence.

After discussing my situation with my neurologist who was wonderful by the way, he came to the conclusion that I was born with the micro adenoma. Apparently most people have one but never know they have it. Mine was causing me lots of problems. After much more research, I found that 90% of my health issues came from that little mass.

As of now almost 5 years later, I still have the micro adenoma that gets a yearly MRI. I decided to name it, Chucky. I thought this name was appropriate due to it wrecking havoc upon my life. My list of health problems continues to grow and if a blood test comes back normal I am shocked because it rarely happens.

I am not the type for people to pity. I realize that we all have our own cross to bear and this so happens to be mine. People take offense when I joke about my health issues but it is my way of dealing with the truth. It beats being in bed 24-7 depressed. I already have enough depression to battle as it is.

I am no longer on Lamictal after 4 years of taking it. Every once in awhile I do get these brain zaps mainly while I am driving or walking. They throw me for a loop but they are rare for me now. Once every few days I can handle without taking yet another medication.

If you are interested in reading more about Chucky, check out these posts: The Trickster and Migraine. There will be plenty more in the future about Chucky and his wrath.

Published by tabbi41

I live in Long Beach, MS with my husband and 2 children. I have many health issues which I will be talking about and other various topics.

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